Friday, November 12, 2010

Leading up to the big day

Recap: In the middle of the night on Sunday, April 11 I awoke with contractions and we headed to the hospital.

I finally called my mom back in Oklahoma and let her know what was going on. She immediately gathered her things and headed to Nashville.

Let the rest begin...

So now for the good stuff. If words like dialated, contractions, etc. freak you out, you might not want to read this. This is mainly for my benefit so I don't forget the details!

During the visit from my mother, sisters and friend Lindsey, we did a lot of shopping and work getting everything ready for the boys. I knew this was the last chance I would have help before the babies arrived, so I took full advantage of it. I paid for it....

Baby Shower Memories

Here are a few pictures from our Baby Shower on March 20th at Bluegrass Yacht and Country Club where I worked. My mom and sisters worked hard on the shower and Bluegrass did a great job with the set up and the food. Kelly's parents even came all the way from Kansas! I was enormous at 31 weeks - got put on bed rest the following Tuesday and had those boys just 3 weeks later. Still can't believe I made it that long before bed rest.

Best Christmas Eve Ever!

When we went to our ultrasound appointment on November 16, I wanted SO bad to know the sexes of the babies. I was only 13 weeks along, so it wasn't clear yet what we were having but the ultrasound tech told us that it looked like one might be a boy, but it was really hard to tell. Even before this ultrasound, I knew they were both boys. I wasn't even looking at baby girl names. I wrote some down just incase, but I just knew I was having boys. I remember telling our next door neighbor I knew we were going to have boys and she said "That means you're going to have girls".