Friday, November 12, 2010

Best Christmas Eve Ever!

When we went to our ultrasound appointment on November 16, I wanted SO bad to know the sexes of the babies. I was only 13 weeks along, so it wasn't clear yet what we were having but the ultrasound tech told us that it looked like one might be a boy, but it was really hard to tell. Even before this ultrasound, I knew they were both boys. I wasn't even looking at baby girl names. I wrote some down just incase, but I just knew I was having boys. I remember telling our next door neighbor I knew we were going to have boys and she said "That means you're going to have girls".

While on our visit to Oklahoma for Christmas, we had a connection at the hospital in Poteau and snuck in on Christmas Eve morning with my mom and sister for a 4D ultrasound to find out if we could see what was between those tiny little legs! What a great Christmas present that would be!

We were all taking bets, Kelly said he knew it was two boys. I said I knew it was two boys, wouldn't be too surprised if it was a boy and a girl, but would be SHOCKED if it were two girls. I just did not even entertain the idea of two girls. The tech got right to the point. Baby A - it's a girl!! I looked at my mom and she just had this look on her face I'll never forget - a mom of three girls, she'll know what to do with a girl! But WAIT,'s a boy!!! I knew it, I knew it! On to Baby B - It's a boy!! We were right.....and SO excited! Both boys were weighing in at 9oz each!

Those of you who have had ultrasounds before and wish you could look at your baby all day long.... Let me just tell you, she took an hour and a half!!! My back was hurting, I couldn't breathe and I had to pee SO bad because I drank a big ol' glass of sweet tea to make my stomach bloated and to give those babies some caffeine so they'd be rowdy (like they needed it) and we could see who they were! I finally had to tell her to wrap it up so we could make the phone calls! We called Kelly's parents and my dad from the hospital before we left and then we called my Mimi and Kelly's grandparents from the grocery store on our way home.

It had started to snow and we headed to Clayton before it got too bad. When we got there, we decided to stop by my Nanny's house first and tell her. She's always the last to know everything! ;) Then we went over to my Aunt Karen's house where everyone else was gathering. After a quick guess from everyone, we announced we were having two boys. Then a mass text and Facebook post later, the whole world knew! Let the shopping begin!!

Here are a few pictures from that lengthy ultrasound.

But the story's not over! For some reason I didn't want to tell my doctor I had already had an ultrasound and found out what we were having (not sure why it mattered). So Kelly and I went to the January 11 ultrasound and had to pretend we didn't know we had boys. Two boys were confirmed - "Oh!! I knew it!". I really did. Not sure my acting was legit, but who cares! We did get to see those sweet boys again and found out that the boys were identical, so it wasn't a waste of an appointment. This time Knox weighed in at 14oz and Ryder at 13oz. Good sign that their weights were neck in neck!

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