Friday, November 12, 2010

Leading up to the big day

Recap: In the middle of the night on Sunday, April 11 I awoke with contractions and we headed to the hospital.

I finally called my mom back in Oklahoma and let her know what was going on. She immediately gathered her things and headed to Nashville.

It was still dark outside and there wasn't anyone on the road. I remember telling Kelly that I hoped he got pulled over so we could get a police escort to the hospital just for fun! It would be just like the movies! We saw Vanessa at the front desk again and she got us to our room. I had more blood work done, they observed the heart rates and was given more fluids to slow down contractions. They tried to give me the shot to stop the contractions, but I denied it. My doctor wasn't on call and I knew she wouldn't have wanted me to have that. She had already told me that the boys were at a good weight, both head down and we had made it to 34 weeks. They come when they come, we're not going to stop them. The doctor on call sent me home and I was ordered to do a 24-hour urine catch where I had to collect every drop of urine everytime I peed for the next 24 hours and take it to my dr appt the next day so the protein levels could be monitored. This was not fun.

It was 1:00pm when I was released to go home (I waved to Vanessa at the front desk on my way out and said "See ya soon!" She was very acquainted with me by now). This was right as my mom was pulling into town. We met at Texas Roadhouse in Hendersonville because I wanted a really big steak. I knew it would be a long time before I'd have a steak again - in fact, I believe the next time my husband took me out for a steak was six months later. Once we were home, I was ordered back to the couch and my mom did some more baby laundry and last minute Target necessity shopping. I had a doctor appointment the next morning and she was going to go with me to see what my doctor said before she headed back to Oklahoma. We were iffy on when these boys were coming. We wanted to keep them in there as long as possible and most would have liked to see them make it to 36 weeks and I was only 34. At the same time, they were almost 6 pounds a piece, head down, and I was having contractions.

We went to my appointment the next day with my hospital bags and urine collection in tow. My doctor took one look at my swollen feet and gave me the look. She said she was admitting me to the hospital and was going to have a 24 hour urine collection done. I told her I had already done that and asked if she knew I was there the day before and was sent home. She didn't know and thought that was a risky move on the part of the on-call doctor.

Meanwhile (this is really funny), there was a confusion on what to do with the 2 jugs of urine I brought to the doctor office lab. They said they couldn't get results for at least 2 days, that I needed to take it to the hospital. Well since I was going back there anyway, I loaded it back up and headed out. My mom took the confusing trek (along with those 2 jugs of urine) to the parking garage to get my car and to pick me up at the front door. She got confused on how to get out of the parking garage and to where I was. We were on the phone trying to get her on the right track. I see her and tell her to take a right at the stop sign. She did and then I heard "OH NOOO!!". You guessed it, the jugs of urine fell over and spilled in my floorboard. Not the whole thing, not enough to be a big deal, but just enough to get one fat pregnant woman and her mama laughing hysterically. I happened to have a roll of paper towels and a target sack in my backseat. We got the situation resolved, called Kelly to tell him to head to the hospital and were on our way.

As we were walking into Baptist, Kelly called and said he was stuck in his parking garage at work. So I'm trying to figure out how Kelly is stuck in his parking lot and how to get him out when I overhear another woman getting checked in. She is in full fledged labor and she is screaming. My mom just told me she was exaggerating and not to worry....I was clearly worried because I bet she only had one baby in her stomach giving her hell. Anyway, how DOES one get stuck in a parking lot?? You try to trick the system. His brother had come earlier that day to drop something off to him and Kelly had let him use his pass to get out so he didn't have to pay. Kind of confusing, but it wouldn't let him out, because technically he had already exited earlier in the day. So mom and I had to get back in the car (with the leaking jugs of urine) and go get him. It was like a freaking circus.

When we finally got checked into the hospital (with Vanessa), everyone was calling the front desk wondering where I was and why I hadn't arrived yet. They didn't want to know...

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